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Lang Wyatt performs pre-construction services as well as general contracting services for a variety of project delivery methods.  We perform pre-construction services (services during design) for Construction Manager at Risk projects.  In this delivery method, we are selected by a project owner at the same time or shortly after an architect is selected.  We are thus able to work with the architect during the design phase to provide estimating services, value engineering services, and suggestions regarding construction methods and materials.  By providing services during pre-construction, we are able to ensure that when the project is put out to bid by subcontractors, that the bids will be within a small percentage of the estimates that we have previously prepared.


Lang Wyatt also has the ability to work in a Design-Build delivery method.  In this method, Lang Wyatt is selected as the general contractor, and is asked to hire an architect as a consultant to design the project.  In this method, Lang Wyatt works with the architect during the pre-construction phase in much the same manner as in the Construction Manager at Risk delivery method.

A third contract delivery method is Design Assist, where Lang Wyatt works with an architect who has already proceeded with the design phase, but still needs some assistance in the latter design phases, often to bring the project in on budget.

Finally, Lang Wyatt works as a General Contractor providing strictly construction phase services.  This is typical in the Design-Bid-Build delivery method, where an architect has completed design of a project, and the project has been put out to bid, either to all general contractors, or to an invited list of pre-qualified general contractors.  In this method, pre-construction services are not typically rendered, as design is already complete before Lang Wyatt is hired.

The majority of Lang Wyatt's current and recent projects have been delivered under one of the Alternative Project Delivery Methods, such as Construction Manager at Risk.   Most of the firm's work is also done for repeat clients, which is an indication of the high level of satisfaction that most of the firm's clients experience when working with Lang Wyatt's team of professional builders.   Lang Wyatt has continually evolved during their history, seeking to provide the best possible services to their client base, while responding appropriately to major changes in the marketplace.   A couple of the more significant marketplace changes of this decade have been the introduction of Alternative Project Delivery Methods for publicly funded projects and the rapid increase in the demand for sustainable or GREEN Building technologies in the commercial building industry.

Because of their experience in building LEED® certified new construction projects, Lang Wyatt is a valuable team member for any Owner who wishes to develop a building project that incorporates sustainable building principles.   Members of the Lang Wyatt staff are LEED® Accredited Professionals, so we are able to offer assistance from the Contractor's perspective that can make a major impact on the GREEN Building goals of any project.  As a firm, Lang Wyatt is a member of the US Green Building Council and is active in local efforts to promote the GREEN Building movement.

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