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Lang Wyatt Construction was formed in Tucson, Arizona from Martin C. Lang General Contractor, Inc. in 1997 by Martin C. Lang and Jerry Wyatt, to widen the company's management capabilities and provide long-term continuity for the company organization. Lang Wyatt Construction has the same personnel, assets, bonding and banking resources as the parent company.

Martin C. Lang General Contractor, Inc. was established in 1984 by Martin C. Lang, a Civil Engineering graduate of the University of Arizona, after twenty years of varied experience in the construction industry in Arizona and California. Beginning with little capitalization, the company has developed into a $25,000,000 per year business with twenty-five employees. Along the way, projects of every description have been completed (hospitals, medical laboratories, schools, manufacturing facilities, churches, aircraft hangars, and warehouses) for a variety of clients. These clients include all the major government organizations in Southern Arizona, including the City of Tucson and Pima County, Hughes Aircraft Corp., Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, Tucson Unified School District, and University of Arizona, among others.

The company has earned a reputation for honesty and forthrightness in all of its dealings with owners, design professionals, and subcontractors. It has also earned a reputation for professionally managed, high-quality projects. Five times in the past fifteen years the company has been awarded the General Contractor of the Year by the American Subcontractors Association of Tucson, and has been nominated for the award every year. Also, the company was awarded the 2005 Cornerstone Award for General Contractor of the Year, and was awarded again in 2009. The company has completed projects as large as 75,000 S.F., and has adequate bonding support from its surety.

The company maintains a commercial building construction license. All operations are managed from our Tucson, Arizona office.

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Lang Wyatt Construction
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